Welcome to my world of self-discovery, change and celebration.

Hi I’m Rena, I am the founder of RenaZen, Fashion and Textile brand & Creative Facilitator.

I design and make luxury 100 % silk sacred scarves, garments and accessories.  Each bespoke piece is uniquely hand-painted from the soul, sacred and unique to the wearer, enabling you to rise up, to tap into your inner wisdom, to LIVE and FEEL empowered like the goddess you are.

As a Greek Cypriot woman, born and raised in London, my passion stems from childhood experiences, where freedom of expression and creativity was limitless.  Coming from a background where I felt unsupported in the educational system, because of my hard of hearing and dyslexia, art and yoga was my outlet for expressing my emotions, experiences and visions. My vocation in  Photography and Art A-Levels gave me the tools to explore nature through the eye of the c amera, thus inspiring me to go beyond what the naked eye can see. It is here where my artistry and love for textiles began to unfold and evolve organically.

My inspiration extends from my Greek Cypriot roots and Ancient Greek fashion, costume and artefacts, to my love of nature, music, dance and multicultural surroundings, which continue to weave in and out of my path. Having qualified in Textiles at Chelsea College of Art & Design, I have infused my exploration of print, stitch, weave and crochet in my current work.

I am currently working on a limited edition capsule collection of exclusive hand painted multifunctional silk scarves, toga's, kimonos and accessories.

‘Wearing one of Renazen’s Textiles pieces awakens your inner goddess and invokes joy, wisdom and intuition.  Take her on your travels, empowering you on your path.  Drape her around your life journeys, enriching and embracing who your are… And when the time comes, pass on stories of travel, with gratitude.’

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