Mamas Be Blessed



We are Camilla and Rena; mums & friends, both working to help prepare women for labour and birth through yoga and Active Birth Workshops. We have come together and created this box to help mamas be blessed.

What is a Mamas Blessing?

A Mamas Blessing, is a beautiful pre-baby ceremony evolving from the Navajo tradition. It creates a space for the most cherished and trusted women in the mama-to-be’s  life to celebrate, honour and bless the way ahead for her into motherhood. 

There is no strict order or agenda and can be tailored to the mother’s desires, this beautiful box will help guide and support your ceremony with the necessary riches.

Our boxes offer a meaningful alternative to the traditional baby shower, nurturing mama as she transitions into motherhood, rather than focusing on gifts for the baby.

Mamas Blessing Boxes are now available at