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  • Body-orientated coaching 
  • 1:1 Mentorships 
  • Silk painting workshops for kids & Adults

Let's discover your unique strengths and unlock your full potential.

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'I am using my creative cauldron'

"Thank you so much Rena! You’ve really helped me shift and I’d like to add that the 'movement' is something I’m using much more to step away and get a more energized perspective. I’m really grateful for our time together '🙏🏻


Bespoke Silk Scarf

'Words cannot describe how touched I was to receive my scarf. It was more than what I could have imagined. It was as if Rena had directly channeled into my subconscious to create this fluid canvas. The consultation informed me of all the options available and Rena was meticulous with asking the right questions to draw out my inner desires. Thank you Rena!'

Nicole Thomas

'I can now breath deeply and be totally present in the moment'

'Coming to Rena’s beautiful retreat was like being able to breathe deeply and being totally present the moment you stepped into her world.

My absolute favourite, that I still remember,  was the way she so gently and delicately, but also powerfully, would place her hands on my body as if to say, 'you're here, you're safe.'

Caro Gomez

Awaken Mentorship

"You opened my eyes to see things in a very different way... In a way that I would not be able to decipher or understand by myself’."

"You see things in a different dimension..that is how I see you"



The silk is beautiful- I love the way Rena captures the essence of the snake, an important animal archetype for me as an artist and coach. - Ali Mapletoft

Ali Mapletoft

Mamas Blessing Ceremony

'With a unique and alternative way of welcoming a woman into motherhood, Rena guided the ceremony beautifully with grace and intuition. Everybody there felt welcomed and peaceful around Rena and as the mother to be, I couldn't be more grateful to have Rena be our powerhouse for the evening.

Thank you!'