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1:1 Mentorship 'Awaken Experience

 Have you ever felt that your unique way of thinking, feeling, or experiencing the world sets you apart from others?


This is for you if…
  • You are fed up with doing things on auto-pilot, instead of being in the present.
  • You had enough the endless to-do lists and feeling overwhelmed in your day-to-day life.
  • You sometimes question your  worth, ‘am I good enough?’
  • You find money conversations, pricing , spending and investing in yourself ‘eek’.
  • You lose track of time and constantly feel like you're chasing your tail.
You're at the cusp of change and you feel that there is no time like the present!
  • You want support and guidance / accountability with a new vision, project, or idea.
  • You want control over your timetable and want to be free from overwhelm.
  • You are ready to take a leap of faith in to the unknown, fully aware this means growth.
  • You know deep in your bones you have something unique and you deserve a sit at the table.

"Working with me means standing in your power, unmasked, and armed with the readiness to change your life."


Let's discover your unique strengths and unlock your full potential.
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